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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a  cross-industry, cloud based solution by Microsoft. It can grow with you, is easy to obtain and easy to use. 

The all-in-one-business management solution helps businesses to merge finances, distribution, service and workflow together, to optimize business processes, to improve client interaction and to make better decisions all together.

Business Meeting

Easier and faster orders, sales, invoices and reports

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central fuses your systems and processes together and relieves you as well as your employees. 

  • With reports that are easy to make you receive the full picture of your whole business, when and wherever you need the information. 

  • Preconfigured standard business processes allow you to effectively use the application from the first day.

  • With Dynamics 365 Business Central subsequent adjustments and enhancements are not a problem.


Business processes at a glance

Lead your business from anywhere

Choose Cloud or local. Business Central will perform wherever you need it. It offers the same user experience, regardless of the type of deployment.


Lead your business on the go.  The mobile version supports cloud- as well as locally-based users with a consistent user interface on Windows, Android and iOS devices.

Eliminate lanuage barriers. Business Central provides 25 languages to increase your productivity.

Save and transfer data in all of your systems. Protect your data from unauthorized access with the automatic Microsoft data center encryption.

Manage your finances

Make well--founded choices with the connected data from reports, diagrams and Microsoft Power BI-Dashboards in the fields finances and accounting, distribution, purchase and stock management. With the expansion to predict delayed payments you can minimize oustanding receivables.


Display diagrams and reports in real time whether it's integrated reports, Excel or Power BI. Use unlimited dimensions for your data to identify patterns and trends.

Accelerate financial statements and reporting with the help of integrated functions for customer and vendor. Optimize the process with approval workflows and the integration of Microsoft Power Automate.

Track financial performance with custom finance accounting and account schedule reporting. Evaluate reporting regarding costs, sales or profits in the cost accounting module.

Optimize your supply chain

Predict the best time to plan replenishment with integrated intelligence. Use sales planning and expected emptied stocks to create automized purchase orders.


Receive a holistic view of your stock and use the same inventory disposal method or varying methods for your stock items. Move items freely inbetween storage places and control the available quantity using cyclic counting.

Interact with your suppliers pro-actively and cost efficient. Record potential suppliers, send requests and transform the best offers into orders. Configure required approvers to ensure conformity with internal and external guidelines.

Use generated suggestions that the system offers to replenish inventory based on actual and forecast demand and availability.

Accelerate your sales process

Prioritize leads based on the sales potential. Follow up client interactions and receive assistance with the best upselling-, cross-selling- and renewal opportunities within the entire sales process.


Optimize sales respond to customer needs with flexible pricing and discount structures for individual customers and customer groups.

Keep track of agreements with processes for sales orders and sales blanket orders. Quickly provide customers with details on prices, disounts, delivery dates, product availability and fulfillment status.

Handle customer complaints with sales complaint management, including credits, repairs or replacements.

Deliver projects on time and on budget

Create, manage and track customer projects with the help of timesheets and advanced job costing and reporting. Develop and change budgets to ensure project profitability.


Manage resource tiers by planning capacity and sales. Track customer invoicing versus planned or actual costs on orders and quotes.

Make effective decisions by using real-time information on project status, profitability and resource usage metrics.

Efficiently manage your stock

Optimize your stock facilities by setting up storage bins and zones in Business Central to reflect the layout of your warehouse and its shelves and compartments.


Optimize incoming goods and storage by using a template to determine the best placement of items based on type, size and storage bin capacity.

Get recommendations on where to move items to optimize space and the picking process. Accelerate deliveries and reduce friction with cross-docking.

Use real-time data for the zone, location and quantity of each items to better serve your customers' orders.

Achieve the optimal output for you

Produce within your delivery and capacity constraints. Execute your production process according to plan, even in busy and complex environments.


Provide a list of salable items, raw materials, subassemblies or resources as a BOM that includes a finished product or kit.

Use assembly orders to replenish items in inventory. Record the special requirements of customers in a bill of materials and use them directly from the sales quotation and the sales order item in your processes from assembly to order.

Use production orders  for more complex processes. Record consumption and output and manage multiple bills of materials and routes. Coordinate rejects and deviations in consumption and output.

Fulfill your service commitments

Get a comprehensive overview of your service tasks and workload to effectively assign work to staff. Track service contracts to provide reliable service to your customers.


Ensure a smooth transition from sales to customer service by automatically registering shipped goods and service items. Keep the necessary details in one place to ensure optimal service.

Manage customer service issues whether regulations require a full replacement or a simple repair.

Track repair details, including service items used, replacements parts and labor costs in a service order. Increase customer loyalty by providing replacement equipment to customers while their own equipment is being serviced.

Try Business Central for free

Would you like to take advantage of the opportunity to try out the diversity and performance of all Business Central functions for yourself without restriction?


Simply register with your email address and we will take care of the rest!

Your test phase ends automatically after the expiry of time, no explicit termination is necessary.

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service4work was founded in 2000 with the background of providing companies with the best possible support in the introduction and support of ERP systems. In the last 20 years we have grown to 15 employees and now look after almost 300 customers with over 800 locations. In addition to ERP solutions we also serve the areas of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and advise and support companies on their way to digitization. So that we can offer our customers everything from "one source", we not only sell the corresponding software products, but also the associated hardware and consumables or work together with partner companies in the infrastructure sector.


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cross-industry, cloud-based complete solution from Microsoft.


It can grow with you as your business needs change and is easy to obtain and easy to use.

Business Central Essentials

EUR 59,00

per user / month / plus VAT

All basic

ERP functions

with Essentials.

  • Purchasing

  • Sales

  • Order management

  • Contact management

  • Financial accounting

  • Warehouse

  • Opportunity management

  • Resource management

  • Advanced sales

  • Distribution

  • Workflow

Business Central Premium

EUR 84,30

per user / month / plus VAT

All functions of "Essentials"

as well as

production and service.

  • Purchasing

  • Sales

  • Order management

  • Contact management

  • Financial accounting

  • Warehouse

  • Opportunity management

  • Resource management

  • Advanced sales

  • Distribution

  • Workflow

  • Production

  • Service

Business Central Team Member

EUR 6,80

per user / month / plus VAT

Reading access

to all modules,

editing existing information.

  • Customers

  • Vendors

  • Items

  • Answering workflows

  • Create offers

  • Project time recording

  • Using PowerApps


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